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Jean Delaire Congress Paris / 3D Printing & Functional aspects

Organised by the "Jean Delaire Institute", the "2021 Jean Delaire Congress" is aimed at orthodontists, orofacial physiotherapists, osteopaths, speech therapists, oro-maxillofacial surgeons, researchers and all specialists in charge of patients suffering from dento-facial dysmorphoses who wish to discover or learn more about Jean Delaire's work, in particular his cephalometric analysis and his in-depth consideration of functional and spine disorders.

The "2021 Jean Delaire Congress" has an international calling as Jean Delaire's architectural and structural craniofacial cephalometric analysis is universal and applies to all ethnicity based reference populations in their diversity. Indeed, Jean Delaire's analysis is based on the reciprocal balance of the skull and face of each patient and not on statistical averages.

 Jean Delaire Congress.pdf

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